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Ready to take charge of your health and feel better this new year?
Our rapid, safe, and sustainable program gets results for busy people who’ve tried everything.

Just 10 weeks to a healthier you!

“Dr. Giordano’s Longevity Reset program is the best thing that ever happened to me! After years of building a business and a family, I found myself overweight, inflamed, exhausted, and irritated with the world around me. I approached the Longevity Reset program with the hope of losing a few pounds.

After the 10-week program, I not only lost 40 pounds, but I also increased my energy, and I eliminated inflammation and joint pain. The most impactful transformation had nothing to do with how I looked but how I felt. My brain fog disappeared, and I now feel more present and focused with my family and at work.

This program has changed my life and I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for an organized plan to transform their health and their life! -MD

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Meet Dr. Rachel Giordano

dr rachel giordano

“My name is Dr Giordano, and I’m passionate about helping you live your healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling life! As a Naturopathic Physician, I believe that learning to be healthy is a million times more valuable than popping pills… And healthy habits last for life!

I created The Longevity Reset to give you the skills and confidence to be your own health advocate, all from the comfort of your home

We’ve helped thousands of people release extra weight, increase energy, improve sleep, and truly love themselves back to a vibrant, healthy life

I look forward to seeing you transform and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!”

Your Program Includes:

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1-1 coaching calls
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A practical lifestyle strategy
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Daily accountability check ins
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Autoimmune Conditions
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Reset Metabolic Spray
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Anti inflammatory coffee/tea
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Magnesium Oil
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A Smart Health Tracking Device
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Sleep Kit
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Weekly group coaching call
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Online Learning platform
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A delicious nutrition plan
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Food Scale
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Private Online Community
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Tongue Scraper

Ready To Claim Your Breakthrough Call?

Find out if our Longevity Reset Program is right for you! No obligation.

What clients say about us

Due to several issues, to include IBS and fibromyalgia, I've struggled with chronic inflammation for years. And over the years I have tried an exhaustive list of treatments to try and heal my body so I was reluctant to start yet another one. However, with the encouragement of Dr. G, I started the 10 week program and I am thankful that I did. After two weeks on the program I saw a reduction in inflammation, specifically in my legs, while at the same time had a noticeable improvement in my gut health with less cramping and stomach aches. After completing the 10-week program the results are clear. I've reduced inflammation all over my body, lost 38 lbs, and my gut fees the best it has felt in the last 10 years. I'd recommend this program to anyone struggling with inflammation and IBS and looking for a natural solution. Give it a shot!

I have been in the maintenance phase of the program for three weeks now and I am still (slowly) losing weight. I have been able to bring healthy oils and fat (olive, coconut and avocado) into my diet but I have basically stayed on the eating plan as far as types of foods. In all I have lost 33 pounds...and I have a goal for 10 more! Excited for my body transformation...not just the weight BUT my energy is amazing, I'm more focused than ever (even my staff have commented on this) and I have an amazing sleep. What can I say - 100% Life Changing!!! Thanks Dr. G

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