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spine correction

Spinal rehabilitation, or spinal correction, is an individualized protocol that is prescribed for a patient following a thorough physical and x-ray examination by thephysician. The goal of spinal rehabilitation in our office is to help patients correct the source of their pain and physical stress, thus allowing their body to function at a higher, more optimal level.The first step in the process is thoroughly examining each patient through digital postural and x-ray analysis, and hands onorthopedic and neurological tests todetermining a precise course of action to target the areas of concern.

The second step is to address and eliminate the patients immediate pain, making them more comfortable and therefore more capable of going through the spinal remodeling process. Managing pain involves one of our chiropractic physicians utilizing a variety of proven techniques such as adjustments, muscle work, stretching, stabilization exercises,ice and nutritional support to help reduce inflammation. Once the patients pain and discomfort subsides, corrective exercises are introduced to help strengthen the spine and create new muscle memory patterns for stabilization andcorrection of the patients posture.

Next in the rehab process is spinal remodeling using mechanical traction equipment, which is sometimes employed at the same time as exercises or shortly thereafter. Traction is most effectively done in the office with our specialized equipment and while under the doctors direct supervision, but it can also be prescribed for at home participation with safe and effective spinal traction orthotics. Finally, as treatment nears completion, our team will perform additional x-rays and posture assessments for comparative reasons, ensuring the course of treatment has produced positive results.

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